Metavates water treatment

Water Treatment

Our clever chemical products for industrial water treatment

Metavate offers a full range of high-performance chemical products with special formulations for the treatment of industrial wastewater.

Focusing on the specific needs of our clients, Metavate provides a tailored range of products specially formulated for the industrial treatment of wastewater generated by the treatment of water in paint booths with water curtains, heavily contaminated by paints (water or solvent-based), as well as that produced by washing and pre-treatment processes.

The results are an exceptionally high level of water clarity, extending cycle times, drastically reducing both waste and operating costs, and enabling the reuse of clean water within the plant.

Metavate formulations are 100% nontoxic and are compliant with existing controls and HSE regulations as well as being compatible with any kind of wastewater treatment plant.

Metavate’s product range provides innovative and effective solutions that aim to minimise client energy consumption as well as a reduction in environmental impact, while ensuring superior water quality, and maximum process efficiency.

Metavates water treatment
Metavate water treatment

Our range of chemicals include:


Organic or bentonite-based products aimed at the treatment of wastewater. Organic compounds or minerals agglomerate the contaminants’ solid particles, denaturing and destabilizing them


Which aggregate and flocculate the contaminants’ solid particles, making them easier to remove

Coagulants and flocculants

Which convert pollutants into easily removed sludge. This sedimentation process effectively separates impurities from the water


A silicone-free industrial formulation used to inhibit and dissolve all types of wastewater foam

Odour removal products

Which remove bad smells from product fermentation by reacting with sulphated or nitrogenated compounds

Water hardness additives

Which are developed to improve coagulation and flocculation or to lower the amount of foam in the wastewater


A reduction in energy usage
Process cost reduction
Lower maintenance requirements
Less water to dispose of
Low environmental impact
Increased workplace safety


We've calculated that in a year since changing over from our old conventional phosphating system, we've saved nearly £70k in chemical costs and labour

It sounded too good to be true but long term trials have proved the process works.

It’s the only process we’ve found that allows us to store cast steel and iron products without the worry of going rusty before assembly / painted.

We’ve seen lots of benefits - resolved storage issues, reduced utility costs, reduced water usage, carbon footprint AND our production time.

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