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Pronortec – Metal Pretreatment Nanotechnology

Metavate are proud to offer a pretreatment product harnessing the power of nanotechnology. Our innovative PRONORTEC range uses organic phosphorous nano compounds to achieve extremely high protection against corrosion, superior to outdated methods such as Zinc phosphating or Silane-based technology.

Main features

PRONORTEC is a multi-metal conversion treatment used in conjunction with degreasing or pickling to create a uniform nano-metric film on the surface of metals, providing excellent corrosion resistance.


Following degreasing/pickling and rinsing PRONORTEC nanotechnology is applied via dipping or spraying. There is NO final rinse stage resulting in cost-savings on water and a reduction in stages in the process compared to conventional applications. Our technology has helped customers reduce their processes from upwards of 8 stages to just 4 stages, and only 1 heated stage.


Upon installation Metavate provide an automatic dosage tool which constantly measures the levels of chemical in your system meaning you never have to worry about maintaining levels yourself.


Our systems utilise a zero reject water system meaning there is no waste water to dispose of.

A different approach to our one-step Plaforization range, however with the same Metavate ethos at heart

Superior to Zinc Phosphating and silane-based technology

Only 4 stages

High performance



Simple to use

Low environmental impact

No toxic sludge generated

A salt spray test comparison of PRONORTEC versus Oxsilan.

Pronortec comparison - MM-01
Pronortec comparison - silane based technology


We've calculated that in a year since changing over from our old conventional phosphating system, we've saved nearly £70k in chemical costs and labour

It sounded too good to be true but long term trials have proved the process works.

It’s the only process we’ve found that allows us to store cast steel and iron products without the worry of going rusty before assembly / painted.

We’ve seen lots of benefits - resolved storage issues, reduced utility costs, reduced water usage, carbon footprint AND our production time.

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