Metavate Propels the Future of Manufacturing Processes

Metavate Propels the Future of Manufacturing Processes

Experts in metal pre-treatment processes, Envirometal Technologies, have undergone a major rebrand and are excited to launch their new identity: Metavate.

The new brand name ‘Metavate’ directly refers to their innovative multi-metal pre-treatment processes and passivation. Metavate offer ingenious technologies that enhance inefficient, expensive aspects of the manufacturing process. The rebrand follows a series of successful installations and impressive salt spray test results; recording the first signs of corrosion after an average of 1,000 hours.

Their ‘future of pre-treatment’ process has been proven to save organisations money on production, energy and labour and – by speeding up throughput – boost capacity and help serve customers more competitively.

Metavate’s Plaforization process degreases, cleans, polymerises and prepares all metal in just one step with no waste, heat or water required. What’s more, the treatment times start at just 90 seconds and treated metal is immediately protected against flash rust without the need for painting immediately. In fact, it takes up to 6 months before treated metal starts to rust prior to painting. This allows manufacturers to treat and store metal for several months before the need to paint. A feature which has proven invaluable to many of their customers.

This single-stage pre-treatment process offers a faster, easier, greener and more affordable alternative to labour-intensive phosphating, which can take up to seven steps and leaves metal vulnerable to flash rust unless immediately painted.

Customers of Metavate have found massive rewards in utilising Plaforization processes, one customer said;

“We were sceptical at the start, it sounded too good to be true, but after we had the test results back it did just what they said it would. Since then we’ve seen lots of benefits – resolved storage issues, reduced utility costs, reduced water usage, carbon footprint and our production time. We’ve been really impressed.”

In light of recent legislation changes, such as the Water Supply and Regulations Guide Enforcement Policy of March 2017, Metavate’s processes align with plans to minimise water wastage and promote efficient water usage. These revolutionary solutions also align with the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy – a movement that promotes investment into research and innovation in energy, resource and process efficiency as well as supporting innovative energy technologies and processes.

From furniture and appliances to automotive components and agricultural machinery – Metavate enables clients to look beyond traditional manufacturing standards and implement more sustainable, cost-effective and efficient processes for the future.

To discover how Plaforization can support your manufacturing business growth, contact us or call 01926 494 126.