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Metavate installs degreasing pre-treatment EcoTunnel for USystems

Metavate installs degreasing pre-treatment EcoTunnel for USystems

Metavate has recently worked with USystems Ltd (formerly of Gamlingay, Bedfordshire) to install and commission in their new premises in Bedford a conveyorised spray tunnel (EcoTunnel) to degrease and pre-treat their innovative, world-leading systems of cooled/quiet computer cabinets.

USystems are using our Ecophor B700 process which gives far superior cleaning and protection compared to any conventional water based, iron phosphate system or similar. USystems have been around since 2004 during which time they have established innovative and award winning designs for products which have made a real difference in cooling, sound attenuation and environmental intelligence in individual and multiple cabinet projects.

Their internationally recognised brands ColdLogik; Ucoustic; USpace; Utelligence reflect their cutting edge designs to help future proof and significantly reduce energy consumption in offices and data centres alike. During the preparation process for their move, USystems compared the cost of running their conveyorised Iron phosphate system with the potential cost of changing to Metavate’s Ecophor technology.

They found that the projected cost of Ecophor chemical would give good savings as this was basically the only expense. In operation they are actually using less Ecophor than projected initially so cost savings are higher than expected. Payback on an EcoTunnel is generally between 18 months and two years. There is no gas, no water, no management nor titration of tanks, no disposal of sludge or water and little maintenance or cleaning is required.

The Ecophor system brings additional benefits for staff as maintaining a multi-stage heated water tank system was a dirty and unpleasant job. Given the sector that USystems operate in, the green credentials of Ecophor: – no emissions to air, no water or landfill pollution were very attractive and a potential selling point to our clients.

Mick Ryan, Production Manager