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Laser Expertise Ltd choose Metavate’s Plaforization Pretreatment Technology

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Laser Expertise Ltd choose Metavate’s Plaforization Pretreatment Technology

The team at Metavate were pleased to work with Laser Expertise at their site in Nottingham to help them change from their outdated phosphating system to a one-stage PlaforizationTM pretreatment technology.

Laser Expertise have been trading for over 30 years and are leading fabrication and laser specialists, providing a wide range of services, with quality and efficiency at the heart of what they do.

Laser Expertise had been battling away with an old multi-stage aqueous phosphating batch processor machine for too long when they got in touch with Metavate. It soon became clear to them that our PlaforizationTM technology would not only make their lives a lot easier but also save them a huge amount of money and increase the level of corrosion protection they provide!

An EcoJet spray batch-processor was the most appropriate for their needs and Metavate worked with Laser Expertise staff to design a bespoke system perfect for their requirements.

It was refreshing to work with a team of open-minded engineers, who had no problem moving on from outdated phosphate technology and actively sought solutions to build and adapt equipment that they made themselves to use PlaforizationTM technology. Indeed, they came up with innovations to our process that we now use elsewhere!

Metavate have a range of different products which address every type of prerequisite for the pre-treatment needs of individual customers including dip tanks, EcoJet batch processors and conveyorised spray tunnels. In the case of Laser Expertise our TORAN 3 spray product was chosen, since it is specifically designed for powder-coated parts and provides the highest level of protection, upwards of 1000 hours of salt-spray protection.

An EcoJet will carry out a full cycle, from closing the doors to opening them again in around 10 minutes, load, spray (90 seconds) drip fluid recovery (6 minutes) and unload. Size of parts is not a barrier, EcoJets are individually built for each customer, or build your own as Laser Expertise did.

As with all Plaforization products, Laser Expertise now benefit from:

  • Single stage pre-treatment
  • No water required
  • No heat required
  • No sludge generated
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High corrosion protection
  • Immediate protection against flash rust


Since adopting PlaforizationTM pre-treatment technology Laser Expertise have calculated they save nearly £70,000 annually in costs with capital payback in under 6 months.

From spray to dip, forced or air-dry, powder coat or wet paint, Metavate have a product to match your specific needs and provide the utmost corrosion protection.


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