Engineered Fabrication Solutions Ltd

Engineered Fabrication Solutions Ltd sets up new manufacturing facility in Highbridge, Somerset

Engineered Fabrication Solutions Ltd

Engineered Fabrication Solutions Ltd sets up new manufacturing facility in Highbridge, Somerset

2019 has been a busy and exciting time for Engineered Fabrication Solutions Ltd (EFS) and Metavate.

Calvin Christopher who has a Master’s in Engineering has worked with Metavate before with the installation of a brand new pretreatment plant for Eaton Power Quality Division.

Now, Calvin has taken over as MD of EFS and has chosen to again take advantage of Metavate’s exclusive PlaforizationTMsystem to progress the wide range of services that EFS can offer. With experienced, highly skilled staff and a full range of modern fabrication equipment, including a new 3kW Fiber Laser, Amada punch, press-brake, welding & a quick colour change semi-automated paint plant, EFS have it all and can offer you a “full service” experience. EFS strength lies in;

  • Design, Manufacture, assembly and installation of OEM, 19” datacentre, indoor/outdoor enclosures.
  • Datacentre optimization.
  • General sheet metal subcontracting service.
  • Distributions of spring Steel fixings.

EFS has recently signed a 5 year partnership agreement with a leading solutions provider in datacom applications. EFS stands out from other Companies by offering a “complete solution” from CAD design service through to Manufacture, including powder coating.

Powder coating is where Metavate come in as their Toran 3 Plaforization system provides extended corrosion-proofing for internal and external applications.

EFS had no intention of using a conventional degreasing and phosphating process and the Plaforization system reduces the size of their Plant, cuts costs, improve corrosion resistance and minimises their environmental impact. By adopting Metavate’s unique PlaforizationTM process they have achieved these goals and more. Toran 3 proved to be the ideal product  as it is specifically designed for customers who powder coat their products, providing up to and beyond 1000 hours of salt-spray corrosion proofing. Independent Laboratory tests showed EFS obtaining over 1500 hours.

In their large EcoJet batch processor EFS can apply the Toran 3 product and produce a high throughput to serve their conveyorised system benefitting from an up-to-date Gema powder booth and recovery system and an online cure oven.

The stand-alone batch processor “EcoJet” Toran 3 pre-treatment unit easily handles the capacity demands made of it. It is always ready-to go with no heating and no waste to manage, no water, no titration or other management or cleaning. Toran 3 is not a VOC and there are no harmful emissions.

Toran 3 degreases and polymer coats all metals in one simple, heat-free step. There is no emission of CO2 , N2O or SO2. All oil and grease is dissolved off the metal and reintegrated back into the polymer coat formed therefore eliminating the need to rinse and no creation of sludge. Furthermore there is no wasted product as any drip off is collected and reused. The tank is merely topped up with Toran 3 as and when needed proving to be very cost effective. All of these features are unique to the whole range of Metavate’s Pretreatment products.

How the PlaforizationTM system has benefited EFS Ltd:

  • Cost savings (no heat, no water, no waste disposal)
  • Improved corrosion protection compared to conventional phosphating
  • No monitoring, titration, emptying or cleaning required
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • One simple and stable system

EFS have a philosophy to provide top quality while respecting the Environment and their Plaforization system is just one part of how they go about it.

If you think a Plaforization system could be right for your process, contact us.