Butterfield Signs tunnel

Butterfield Signs install new Powder Coating Plant utilising Metavate Pretreatment Technology

Butterfield Signs tunnel

Butterfield Signs install new Powder Coating Plant utilising Metavate Pretreatment Technology

Butterfield Signs is a 4th generation, family run company with nearly 100 years of experience in the signage industry. With customers such as McDonalds, Morrisons, ASDA and WH Smith, to name a few, quality is at the heart of everything they do, an ethos shared by Metavate Ltd.

Metavate were therefore delighted to partner with fabricators Unitech Machinery to bring Butterfield Signs’ powder coating process in-house with an in-line spray tunnel using our patented PlaforizationTM pretreatment technology to deliver high level corrosion-protection whilst reducing energy consumption, emissions, water usage and production of waste materials. Staff welfare is also paramount at Butterfield Signs and PlaforizationTM allows for a clean and safe working environment.

The new plant was installed at their main factory site in the centre of Bradford, where space was at a premium. Using the unique one-step application of Metavate’s Toran 3 product from the PlaforizationTM range the entire system is only 13 metres of conveyorised track, something which could not be achieved using conventional multi-stage phosphating.

Toran 3 technology degreases, cleans and polymer-coats all metals in one 90 second application at ambient temperature. Furthermore, no rinsing is required, parts are simply treated and dried so there is no waste to dispose of and no water required whatsoever. Products are then Powder-Coated in a state-of-the-art highly efficient automatic booth.

Another big benefit to Butterfield having chosen PlaforizationTM pretreatment is its multi-metal compatibility. Toran 3 is compatible with all metals, therefore for a company like Butterfield Signs who routinely make both mild steel, stainless steel and also aluminium products, this makes their life much easier as parts can all be pre-treated on the same line with no need to switch pretreatment application between products. On steel parts we routinely exceed 3 or 4 stage iron phosphate levels of salt spray test protection and normally exceed Zinc Phosphate levels from 5 or 6 stage systems. On Aluminium you can count on many times these levels.

Previously, Butterfield Signs had been outsourcing their powder coating; by bringing it on site and adopting Metavate technology they have taken control of the whole process and therefore not only have they reduced delays, but they have made huge savings whilst also reducing their carbon footprint.

Metavate have a range of different PlaforizationTM products which address every type of pre-treatment requirement for individual customers from air-dry products for dip systems, through to products for batch processors and in-line spray tunnels.

Butterfield Signs are reaping the benefits of a system with;

  • No water
  • No heat
  • No sludge
  • No VOCs

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