Plaforization pre-treatment process

ASD lighting choose Metavate Pretreatment Technology

Plaforization pre-treatment process

ASD lighting choose Metavate Pretreatment Technology

ASD lighting have been designing and manufacturing products in South Yorkshire for over 35 years, employing over 200 people at their 200,000 sq. ft. site in the heart of Rotherham. Their installations range from the Tate Modern Gallery, Railway Stations, International Freight Depots to Schools, Universities and Hospitals, to name just a few.

ASD pride themselves on their reputation for high quality, hard-wearing equipment and Metavate were delighted to partner with them in bringing their powder coating process in-house using Metavate’s PlaforizationTM pretreatment technology. By adopting the one stage Plaforization pretreatment process ASD were able to fit the entire system in 93 metres of conveyorized track, something which could not be achieved using conventional multi-stage phosphating.

The driving factor behind the investment in this new system was that it should be as environmentally friendly as possible for an industrial process.

Metavate’s part in this was using our unique VOC-free Toran 3 technology which degreases, cleans and polymer-coats all metals in one 90 second application at ambient temperature. The process eliminates the need for costly heating of tanks thereby eliminating CO² and other related emissions (NOX, CO etc) from the pre-treatment process. Furthermore no rinsing is required, parts are simply treated and dried so there is no waste to dispose of and no water use whatsoever.

As Plaforization absorbs all oils and grease on the parts there is no sludge, while solid particles are filtered out, meaning there is no need for tank cleaning.

Products are then Powder-Coated in a state-of-the-art highly efficient booth.

Before installation extensive trials were undertaken including salt-spray testing and over 2000 hours of protection was consistently achieved.

Previously, ASD lighting had been outsourcing all their powder coating; by bringing it on site and adopting Metavate technology not only have they reduced delays but they’ve made huge savings whilst also reducing their carbon footprint. By using Metavate’s process ASD have eliminated the roughly 200 tonnes of carbon which is released each year in heating each phosphate tank.

Metavate have a range of different products which address every type of requirement for individual customers from air-dry products for dip systems, through to products for batch processors and on-line spray tunnels.

ASD lighting are reaping the benefits of a system with;

  • No water
  • No heat
  • No sludge
  • No VOCs


Take a look at their website to see a video of their new Powder coating line.


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